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house doctor brisbane

house doctor brisbane

At House Call Doctor, we’re often asked if it’s necessary for GPs, including those who work in clinics, to do home visits.

What you need to know:
In short, GPs are not required to do home visits as after-hours doctors are available to fill the gap while clinics are closed. However, many GPs also act as after-hours doctors because they know the important role home visit doctors play in alleviating pressure from hospital emergency departments.

Although there are emergency departments open after-hours for patients needing medical attention, home doctors help take the strain off these departments by treating non-urgent cases.

For the continuation of care, after-hours doctors are able to send through information about a patient’s home visit to their preferred GP, so their regular doctor is kept updated on their condition and are aware of any treatment administered.

Our after-hours doctors:
The team of after-hours doctors at House Call Doctor is available across Queensland and northern New South Wales, servicing areas including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Mackay and Tweed Heads.

Examples of cases our team can treat include respiratory infections, migraines, gastroenteritis, ear infections, urinary tract infections, fall-related injuries, rashes and cuts and abrasions.

If you’re unsure of whether you need a home doctor or urgent medical attention, call 13 HEALTH for further advice.

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