Isn’t it ridiculous when you surf the internet and ads like “best deo for men in India” and “grooming items for men” pop up?! You internally say, “Yeah, I’m a tomboy, so what. I’m still a girl, stop showing me these ads!” Anyway, it’s true that you’re not very ladylike and loves to wear converse sneakers, your elder brother’s hoodies / baggy shirts and are still called ‘Kiddo’ at home. So what! You still love being a girl who will put on the best deodorant brand before you step out. Pst..pst.. we know it’s mostly from the unisex perfume list
If you’re a tomboy, this one’s for you. And if you’re a former tomboy, here’s to some good ‘ol days!
11 Things you’ve struggled with:   

1. Playing with Barbies & dollhouses was a big No-no: You ran away when your girlfriends decided to “ghar ghar” and “princess dress-up”! That’s when you made friends with boys and played cricket, wrestling, sports, etc.

2. You love ‘Pink’ the singer, not the colour: It’s not your fault that you’re un-girly or hate the 50 shades of pink. Who cares if it’s salmon or baby pink? You just want it away from you!

3. Telly Tubbies never made any sense to you, and still doesn’t: When other girls went “Awww” for the telly tubbies, you loved watching cartoons like X Men, R.E.C.E.S.S, Codename Kids Next Door, Samurai Jack, Bey Blade and stuff. 

4. 90% of your friends have always been boys: You have experienced more of the bro code, than pinky promises because almost all your friends were guys. And you’ve at least been heartbroken once when your guy crush found a girly girlfriend. Growing up with your changing biology & feelings was really tough! 

5. You hated getting dressed for functions: As you were growing up, your parents wanted you to look like a ‘Sundar Sushil’ GIRL at family functions & weddings. Hence, they demanded you to dress up & you obliged them occasionally. But no one knows about the tears you cried. 

6. Beauty products & cosmetics = Total confusion: Your female friends think you’re hopeless because you don’t know the difference between a ‘mascara’ and an ‘eyeliner’. Wait, are they the same?! 

7. Wearing heels is such a pain: Walking in heels felt more like walking on chopsticks. And you sure made this sound every time you walked, “Ouch, ouch, ouch!”. 

8. People doubt you’re straight: Just because your friends call you “bro” doesn’t mean all guys are brothers. You’re very much a girl who likes guys, you just don’t like to blush before them.

9. Shopping makes your head spin: Your choice is unusual, especially when you’re shopping in the ‘Women's’ section knowing that there’s a cool Metallica T-shirt in the ‘Mens’ section calling your name. Choosing lingerie is a horror, you’re comfy in granny panties. Buying perfume is yet another struggle; you’d rather sit at home and order the best selling deodorant while you hope to God it smells good.

10. Dutch braids & Low twisted Chignon are gibberish to you: F.Y.I. These are hairstyles. But then who cares? Your 3 hairstyles are and will always be the bun, pony & hair let down. 

11. You never owned a ladybird: Unless your parents insisted on buying a Lady Bird, you always chose a cool Razorback or DTB back in school.
Go on, take pride in your tomboyish badass ways, that’s something that can even put boys to shame. And if you want to show how much you love being a girl in your own different way, share this post right away!


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