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Description: This course will provide participants with a thorough understanding of the requirements of process validation for both small molecule (pharmaceuticals) and Biologic products. They will learn how to establish an effective process validation system and integrate it with other systems suc…
09.02.2017 01:00
Texas, Plano, United States
Description: This webinar will explain concept of International ACH, how it works, rationale for choosing it and how it differs from US domestic ACH. It will also discuss what International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) is and how¬† it addresses International ACH issues. Instructor will cove…
15.02.2017 01:00
Texas, plano, United States
Description: Writing SOPs or procedural documents can be challenging at times. However, writing SOPs is overall a straightforward process. However, enforcing what you already created and implemented in the pipeline is another story. The term SOP is very obvious. We have seen "clearly written descri…
17.02.2017 01:00
Plano, Plano, United States