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NEET Mock Test

NEET Mock Test: Every year more than 10 lakhs of student appear for the exam for less than 1 lakh MBBS and BDS seats. To get good rank in NEET, one not only needs to have subject knowledge, but also one should have ability to solve application based questions.

Many aspirants often face problem in subject like physics, especially in numerical section. Some of them are not able to complete the paper on time.

That’s why every aspirant regardless of their weaker subject must practice NEET Mock Test on a regular basis. In this post, first we will talk about subject wise preparation then we will cover the importance of NEET Mock Test.

NEET Mock Test- Subject Wise Preparation


  1. Don’t just cramp up the theory, but also understand the principle. Memorizing the basic theory will be useful.

  2. Always relate the questions with your own practical life, to make the physics subject more interesting.

  3. You will know how to formulate your answer, once you know what you’re dealing with.

  4. If we talk about chapters like Kinematics, NLM, Thermodynamics, Heat, Optics and Waves, can only be prepared only if your concept is strong. 

  5. Focus more on numerical questions which is directly formula based.


  1. When it comes to inorganic chemistry, you have to learn everything by heart, and NCERT is the best book to start.

  2. For organic chemistry, you must know the names of the various compounds that constitute the reagents, substrates etc.

  3. Start creating your mechanism. You might make mistakes in the beginning, but that’s okay. Involve the conditions, reactants and any other given data and start making some logic.


  1. First, one of the most difficult things about biology is remembering different terms. To make it simple, try and relate to the definition you are reading instead of simply cramming.

  2. Second, focus only on N.C.E.R.T. In NEET exam, 90% of the questions will be asked.

  3. Practice more number of previous 10 years question paper .This way you can identify the level of question.


NEET Mock Test-Importance

  1. Attempting the NEET Mock Tests, helps you to learn some advanced techniques to solve questions. 

  2. Most important thing about mock test is time management. It helps in solving problems faster.

  3. Sitting for 3 hours for an exam is not easy especially for NEET. Practicing NEET Mock Test will give you the exposure of exam environment.


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Happy Preparation!!


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