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Principles of Sai Baba   Sai Baba of Shirdi (Unknown – October 15, 1918), also known as Shirdi ke Sai Baba was an Indian guru, yogi, and fakir who is regarded by his Hindu and Muslim devotees as a saint. Many Hindu devotees — including Hemadpant, who wrote
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Precious Sayings of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba   1. Action - Karma This deha prarabdha (present birth) is the result of the karma (action) done by you in the former births.   2. Assurance If a man utters My name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes and incr
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Preaching of sai baba   Shirdi Sai Baba is a very noble and highly developed Divine Spirit of God who took a human form more than 100 years ago and dwelled amongst ordinary souls in order to help them out of their meaningless existence. He made his philoso
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About Shirdi   Shirdi, a distinguished and divine city in Maharashtra is famous for the stay and memories of Shri Sai Baba. The sacred environment and piece as contrast to metropolitan lifestyle, allows pilgrims and tourists to spend quality time in the sh
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Origins   Little is known of the early years of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Even his name is unknown as Sai Baba is not an appellation in the usual sense. Sai is a term of Persian origin, usually attributed to Muslim ascetics, meaning holy one or saint. Baba, on t
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Mystical Sai Rare facts and events   Following are some less known facts about Shirdi and Sai baba:   1. Khandoba Temple   Just in front of the Khandoba temple is a rectangular sandpit, which is in fact for fire-walking. Although rarely used, there is stil
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Most Precious Teachings Of Shirdi Sai Baba   Sai’s life (1838-1918) is a literal example of non-duality – there is no definite account of the date and place of his birth. He was supposed to have been born of Hindu parents and raised by Muslim foster parent
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Miracles Performed by Shirdi Sai Baba   Shirdi Sai Baba's devotees from all over the world have reported several miracles performed by the seer, long after he left his mortal coil. Even during his lifetime, Shirdi Sai performed many miracles to the utter a
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Life story of sai baba   Long time ago, at the beginning of eighteenth century a young bearded man with sparkling eyes took shelter in a mosque, in Shirdi Village (of Maharshtra State, In India). Nobody knew from where this stranger had come who hardly spo
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Life History Of Sai Baba   Sai Baba’s origin is completely unknown to this day. He did not disclose to anyone where he was born nor where he grew up. Because of his unknown past, various communities have claimed that he belongs to them. Nothing has been su
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