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Why do I need an official sworn translation?

If you are in search of document translation services near me, you are here at the right place.

You need a sworn translation whenever you need to present a document in an organization in another country: universities, town halls, official bodies, public administrations, courts, etc.

In addition to being in the language of the country where it is presented, the sworn translation has several special requirements: it must be printed on paper, reflect all the information in the original document and be signed and stamped by a certified English to French document translator.

French is the official language of France, Morocco, Belgium, Canada and some areas of Switzerland.

If you are in any of these countries or plan to move there and have to present documents originally written in English, you need a sworn translation to translate French to English document.

On the other hand, if you have to present a document originating in one of those countries in the UK, what you need is a sworn translation French-English.

When Sworn Translation is needed?

Sworn translations are mandatory in all official procedures with the Administration.

Cases you will need Sworn Translation:

It is essential to make a Sworn Translation of any official document that you are going to present in a country, and that is written in a language different from that of that country.

For example, if you come from France to study in the UK, you will need to translate French to English document of your study certificates. On the other hand, if you are English and you are going to study in England, you will need a Sworn Translation into English of your academic degrees.

Make sure if you need your translation to be sworn:

Sworn translations are a bit "special" since they imply an extra guarantee of fidelity and are regulated by a special rule. They are more expensive and take longer than a normal translation.

That is why our advice is to make sure that you need a Sworn Translation. Ask the agency to which you are going to present your papers if it is essential that you present an Official Sworn Translation.

When looking for a legal document translation services, you should look for sworn translators of the deed of incorporation that are endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and that is exactly what we offer you.

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