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What to consider before renting a yacht?

Are you looking for a yacht hire Greece? To help you, we have compiled a list of the main aspects to consider before hiring a luxury yacht.

The rental yacht, which destination to choose?

Choosing a destination plays an important role in the success of your cruise on a yacht. All the itineraries we offer something different, and unique, during the various seasons, whether it is a yacht cruise to discover the fascinating history of Greece.

Choose carefully the type of trip you would like to live, our consultants will advise you on the perfect yacht to make your experience onboard unforgettable.

What is the best time to book a yacht vacation?

Although the weather conditions are generally reliable in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, other factors - such as holiday periods and greater crowding can affect the hours of activity such as restaurants and tourist attractions.

Furthermore, depending on the seasons and months, tourist crowding can undergo significant variations, affecting your travel experience. Even in traditionally more crowded times, you can still find quiet places to enjoy moments of regenerating relaxation: this is one of the many advantages of discovering the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea aboard a mega yacht charter! offers various types of offers, which vary according to the period of the year. Sailing in high season, or out of season, offers very different travel experiences and, therefore, should be considered carefully according to the destination chosen.

Is it better to rent a sailing or motor yacht? offers the possibility of enjoying wonderful holidays aboard a yacht, both sailing, and motor. Even if the former fascinates with the promise of living a more authentic and romantic sailing experience, the latter guarantees a vacation at sea in the name of every comfort. Our advice is to make the choice of taking into account the type of destination you want to reach.

Which yacht charter size do you prefer?

Similarly, the choice of the size of the rental yacht also depends on the destination. A small and agile boat may be preferable. for example, to visit Croatia, which has small ports, or the Greek islands.

Another element to consider is the number of guests who will be on board during the holiday. has a large fleet of yachts of all sizes to accommodate from 2 to over 50 people.

Visit our site and book your favorite luxury motor yacht charter Greece. 

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