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Use of Hong Kong Company

Hong Kong is one in all the leading Asian centers for each finance and commerce. It is a serious entree for investment and finance into China and also the remainder of Asia. We are able to incorporate Hong Kong corporations with a reputation of your selection or from our shelf list quickly and with efficiency. Banking accounts are often opened for Hong Kong corporations in numerous currencies with international esteemed banks.

In addition, we are able to manage the corporate on your behalf, providing your registered workplace, 비상주사무실 and acting as your Company Secretary. We are able to conjointly offer political leader administrators and Shareholders of the corporate if you want.


Bank accounts are often opened for 홍콩법인설립 in numerous currencies with international esteemed banks. Additionally, we are able to assist shoppers to open accounts at native banks with price effective tariff and costs. Fashionable banking facilities e.g. net banking or on-line banking are well-liked andmay be organized in order that shoppers can access their bank accounts overseas via network simply. Bank interest isnot subject to tax in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong corporations will interact in mercantilism activities e.g. handling cargo of products, invoicing and letters of credits etc.

Market entry

We facilitate 홍콩법인 to enter market, expand analysis, promote coming up with and promote mercantilism.


Investment accounts for securities, bonds, options, precious metals etc. are often opened for Hong Kong corporations. Capital gains and dividends are exempt in Hong Kong.

Rein readjustment

Many Hong Kong corporations are used for re-invoicing functions. Profit created on shopping for merchandise from one country and reselling to a different are going to be exempt as merchandise are shipped directly between 2 countries, while not prying Hong Kong.


Overseas commissions, royalties from patents, books, rights, consultation fees, rental fees, interest, and dividends etc. are tax free in Hong Kong and might be received within the name of a Hong Kong company.

Asset holding

Hong Kong corporations might hold overseas or native assets, vessels, companies, stock, etc. to guard homeowners from death duty, probate, and divorce settlements. Quality will move easier and cheaper by transferring the shares of the company.

Our Virtual workplace service provides you with an area purpose of contact in Hong Kong for your customers with all the advantages of a permanent workplace while not the requirement to really be there. We will answer your phone calls, handle your mail and faxes and relay messages to you, in order that you will target running your business.

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