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Points to consider while hiring luxury yacht charter in Greece is one of the great sites to book your Luxury yacht charter. Following are some of the points you need to take into consideration.

The season:

This is a very important factor that affects the value of the charter: the season. Greece's peak tourist season is June-July-August so ideally avoid this period if your idea is to save money.

Not only will the rental prices be the highest of the year as anchorages, restaurants and most of the islands will be crowded! To find friendlier prices, I suggest a search from early April to late May or late August to October. It may not be the warmest months, but the charter price will be much cheaper and the overall experience of the visitors will be better as the number of sailboats in the area is reduced.

The base:

Another point that greatly influences while renting Greece yacht charter is that the cost of renting the sailboat is the basis of the company that offers the charter. Some cities have more recently started offering spaces in marinas and have government incentives for tourism.

In this way, they pass the marinas and charter companies, reflecting on the rental prices on that basis. Other cities (such as Athens) already have large marinas and established charter companies, generating competition and keeping prices very attractive.

Undoubtedly the best prices will be found in islands or more remote locations - but the cost and time of travel to the place usually do not compensate for the discount offered. Speaking of Greece, and considering the mainland for Mediterranean access, we have two large and interesting charter bases: Athens and Lavrion.

The size:

Of course, not everything is flowers. Some things are rather boring in Greece. Depending on the location for example - there are simply no marinas that can be booked by visitors. The region is known for its public moorings, maintained by local municipalities. They consist of piers in the central areas of cities and where those who arrive earlier can dock.

As you can imagine, the demand is immense so the rule is to arrive as early as possible. Ideally, plan to arrive to stop anywhere at noon. Even in low season, chances of finding a spot on a public dock in the late afternoon are almost NIL.

The berths are large and relatively sheltered, and like most Greek islands they anchor at the bow and the stern moored in the street.
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