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One of the Best Singers and Song-writers

A large part of rock and indie music fans have a strong contempt for their dance and ballads. Its constant disguises that range from minimalism to absurdity. However, these people are unaware that mainstream singers who write their own songs and who participates in a large part of the production of their videos and tours.

Following is the list of the leading American musical artists and song-writers:


Aurora Aksnes is an author of fantasy dreams and the soundtrack that accompanies them. The woman has a strange eccentricity in her personality and translates it into sweet and harmonic sounds. Her work seems a mix between Bjork and the hymns of Lady Gaga just by listening to one of his tracks, it is inevitable to fall into his fantasy world that makes you want to dance without stopping.

Ed Sheeran:

After spending years in anonymity trying to reach the mainstream with his folk/pop compositions, Sheeran reached the top with some of the most intense themes in recent years. Although his work consists of simple ballads, his voice, and his unusual talent to integrate different genres, they make him a different composer from the rest. He has written dozens of hits and today is one of the best singer-songwriters in his area.

Harry Styles:

The world did not expect Harry Styles, from One Direction to change pop music forever. Now, without his colleagues, he fully demonstrates his talent and proves that he is one of the best interpreters of today. His album is one of the best mainstream works of the year and although many refuse to accept it - the man could control the pop world for a long time.


Jewel is one of the most admired singer-songwriters of recent years but she has never fully reached the mainstream for refusing to become a plastic artist. The woman usually creates her own music without the help of too many producers and although she is very close to folk and country, her pop songs are some of the sweetest in history. His pieces are timeless and do not adhere to any movement in particular, unlike the works of artists like Taylor Swift.


IZZAT is a great songwriter and producer from Uzbekistan. His recent single release is “IZZAT Another Life Feat. BRBN”. He is trending on Izzat iTunes.

His Izzat Why I Love You was also chartbuster song which was appreciated by millions of music lovers around the world. He has produced and composed this song single-handedly. His “Another Life Feat. BRBN” was recorded at Paramount in Hollywood. You can easily download his songs from Spotify, iTunes, and more.

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