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Music Evaluation of Raise the Dead by Phantom Planet

"Phantom Planet" are a four-piece indie/alternative rock group from from Los Angeles, California.

Raise The Dead comes with an album name that kills. One would think that it's a black or thick metal album only by looking at the planetlagu album title. Until you press the"Perform" button, then you'd never understand. Phantom Planet has actually evolved and gotten more powerful than previously.

Raise The Dead Matches us together with the epic title track, "Raise The Dead". A track that's so delicious it will gobble down you when Alex explodes in the chorus. The title of the song itself increases our eyebrows and makes us wonder what could it mean. Raise The Dead is definitely an interesting song for the unseen... Phantom World made this tune a quick click that anyone would find it impossible not to like it. And I seldom see Alex yells so powerfully. Enjoy!

"Dropped" is simply wonderful! Phantom Planet show their stuffs with the guitars and teamwork as well. From the verse, you can find Phantom Planet singing for a team and during the chorus is even better, they move,"Drop. . What You. . Got. . Now. . Drop. . What You. . Got. . Now. ." It's like they are having a group of people backing up their vocals. The guitar is actually deadly also, they possess the tempo-building parts, as well as the exploding parts. Words aside, you would definitely like Dropped, or better you'd be over Phantom Planet.

"Leader" comes with a group of kids helping Phantom Planet out. They are having a fantastic time together. From begin to finish, the backing vocals supplied by the kids are actually something to be recalled. They hit a fresh high when they joined Alex in the chorus,"Connect our palms and come along, the day's going to sunrise, I feel it coming, on and about the planet lagu hour upon you, now it won't be long, I feel it coming..." Frankly I don't think the vocals fit in quite well with the audio at Leader, but Phantom Planet made it a song to be remembered. It is simply magical!

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