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Know what laser engraving is and about its uses

One of the processes of manufacturing, stamping which is a manufacturing process that involves dropping a weight on a metal plate, the plate then takes the form of the matrices that it has above and below it, now pieces made with different thickness plates, previously welded together can be stamped.
Plaque engraving or Stamping is one of the easiest machining tasks that exist and allows a high level of automation of the process when it comes to making large quantities of a product.
Laser engraving is used in many types of surfaces, is the most common in the world of customized business gift, wood, metal, leather or derivatives, glass or rubber.
What is laser engraving?
In the first place, we emphasize that there is really no direct contact between the piece to be engraved and the head of the machine where the laser beam comes from.
And secondly, we emphasize that the effect that the laser causes is like wear and the color and appearance varies according to the surface to be marked. It is not the same to make personalized wooden pencils, where the effect is like burning, that make pens Customized metal or metal keychains or other materials. It is more in the case of metal articles with lacquered paint, the laser removes the paint layer.
It also used in memorial plate engraving. The precision and detail of the logos engraved with a laser are usually quite high, although it also depends a lot on the surface to be engraved.
Use great varieties of materials:
Whether you work with wood, leather, paper, marble, glass, fabric or plastic engraving or many other materials, we has the most convenient laser systems for your application.
Designed thinking about ease of use:
You can connect the laser system to your PC in the same way, you can start the cutting design of your choice using the software.
The main operations of cold stamping are:
•    Punching: Punching (making holes), cutting (separating pieces from a sheet) or minting.
•    Drawing: Deformation by bending between dies: curved, folded or rolled.
•    The materials used in cold stamping are ductile and malleable, such as low alloy steel, aluminum alloys (preferably magnesium, without copper), brass, silver, and gold.
If you are looking for Control panel engraved services or Plaque engraving, come to We offer the best Stainless steel panels engraved services.

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