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Know different types of alternative investments

Traditional investment is usually divided into fixed income and equity assets. The cataloging of alternative investments is not so clear, so we explain the main investment products:

Alternative Investment Funds:

It is not an alternative investment as such, but the Alternative investment capital fund that you select may include in your portfolio various alternative investment products.

An investment fund is a service offered by investment experts who process the investments of a group of people and actively manage them to achieve greater profitability. Most investment funds are actively managed. These are those who update or modify their investment products frequently.

The different investment funds based on their experience and analysis, select products to deposit money from investors and determine a risk/return profile for their investors. In this way, investors have information about the characteristics and risk ratios in which each fund operates. Investment funds diversify into several products to mitigate this risk and achieve a greater overall return on the portfolio.
Currently, investment funds are increasingly selecting alternative investments to access the returns that traditional markets are not offering.

Investing in investment funds allows you to delegate responsibility but in return, you must pay a percentage or fee for it.

An alternative investment in crowdfunding:

Investment crowdfunding is having a lot of importance in Spain. There are several examples of investment alternatives.
The crowdfunding investment alternatives are subdivided into several types, we tell you.

An alternative investment in crowd-equity:

The investment in crowd equity is an alternative through which multiple private or professional investors lend their money to companies in exchange for entering the capital of the same. Therefore, investors are shareholders of the company and have the right to receive dividends.

Alternative real estate investments:

Alternative real estate investments allow investors to access the purchase or rental of a property in exchange for a return that is generated from the sale or rental of the property itself. In real estate investments, interest is shared among all participants and depends on the final benefits.

An alternative investment in crowd-lending:

Crowdlending is investment alternatives where companies or individuals obtain financing directly from private or professional investors who obtain in return a return on their money. In this case, unlike crowd equity, investors only lend their money but are not part of the business capital.

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