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Know about the maintenance tips of wood flooring

Bambus arbeitsplatte is the best option to enhance the beauty of your interior. If you have already installed or if you are planning, you should know about its maintenance tips.

Here has offered the best tips – Let us check it out:

The durability and beauty of the fertigparkett aus bambus depend largely on good maintenance and cleaning carried out regularly and correctly. Just follow 9 simple rules to take care of your parquet or massivholzdielen in the best way.

1. To remove dust and dirt use a common broom or vacuum cleaner.

2. For washing, you can use a cloth dampened only with water and for even deeper cleaning you can apply detergents for parquet, to pass with a soft microfibre cloth, to avoid scratching the surface. Avoid generic floor cleaners and choose only those specific to parquet.

3. Although bamboo is resistant to moisture and is less prone to cracking and swelling than wood, it is still important to maintain the right level of humidity in the environment, which must be between 35% and 60% throughout the time of year, with the aid of dehumidifiers.

4. Bamboo needs to breathe, so it is good to ventilate the rooms from time to time, leaving the windows open.

5. In the event of liquids falling on the parquet, it is a good rule to remove them immediately and not leave them on the floor for a long time, to prevent the bamboo from absorbing them and damaging them.

6. In order not to scratch the floor you can place a mat outside the front door where you can clean the shoes, so as not to carry pebbles on the floor from the outside; it is also advisable to place felt pads underneath the chairs, tables, and furniture, so that no scratches are created when they are moved.

7. Oil, ink, lipstick or paint stains can be removed by wiping with a cloth soaked in alcohol and then a soft cloth lightly dampened with water.

8. Never perform a steam cleaning.

9. Never pass the floor wax on the bamboo parquet.

As far as the market value of bamboo flooring is concerned, they are certainly cheaper than many fine wood parquet floors and the price varies according to the finishes with which the floor was treated.

If you want the high-end quality of parquet flooring, do not hesitate to contact us on

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