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Important tips on how to book your hotel room cheaper?

Timing is the nuts and bolts:

The earlier you book, the cheaper the price. That's usually true but not always. If you want to stay cheap, you have to risk something. So check the booking page 24 to 48 hours before the desired date. Because the prices generally tumble, the hotel wants to fill the remaining beds. If a big event in the city increases on the requested date and the hotels are busy, this strategy is not recommended.

Holidays when the others work:

Sounds weird, but still applies to almost all hotels. Avoid busy schedules such as school vacations and extended weekends, plan your holidays best during the off-season. A tip for children and singles: Short trip destinations are usually cheaper to get during the week.

Regular bonus:

Who flies a lot with the same airline and diligently collects airline miles, which gets well-known frequent flyer discount. Similarly, the various hotel chains handle. The more you spend the night in houses of the same group, the sooner your chances for better prices and individual perks increase.

If you are in search of the hotels in Dubai or for any destination, it is our recommendation to visit first. You can easily explore a wide range of budget hotels.

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