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How to clean a pool depending on the material?

Each pool is different and, therefore, we cannot use the same chemicals for different materials:

If the glass is made of the liner, reinforced sheet of polyester we will have to use products suitable for these delicate surfaces. It is even convenient to dilute the product in the water before applying it.

If we use a Polaris Robotic Cleaner, it is recommended that we do not bring the water jet too close to the pavement because it could deteriorate.

The maintenance of swimming pools to begin the summer:

When we consider how to clean a pool we must observe if the water lets us see the bottom even if it is cloudy, since then we can perform good maintenance of swimming pools and leave it impeccable. It is advisable to use Pressure Side Pool Cleaner.

If the walls of the glass show dirt, it is best to brush them, but without emptying it. We can use a high dose of pool disinfectant while doing this work. Once this task is finished we will let the water stand for at least 24 hours.

It will be then when the remains are deposited in the fund. In this way, we can pass the Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner and remove all the accumulated dirt. If after cleaning the pool the water level has dropped a little, it is best to fill the glass until it reaches the appropriate levels of depth.

How to maintain a clean pool during the bathing season?

Now that we have the water in our crystal clear pool, it is time to use the products that keep it that way throughout the bathing season. The most commonly used are chlorine, salt or a combination of both. We will also treat water with algaecides that prevent these organisms from appearing.

The amounts of these chemicals will be indicated on the containers of each one and will depend on the liters that the pool supports. To control this it is also vital to know the hardness of the water. If you want to maintain the pool, it is advisable to use Zodiac Automatic Pool Cleaner.

In addition, it is very important to remove the leaves or debris that may fall on the water several times each day. For this, we will use a net with a pole of adequate length to the size of the pool. The best option is to use the Zodiac Pressure Side Pool Cleaner.

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