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How does a Pentair Variable Speed Pump benefit your pool?

The world of swimming pools is undergoing a transformation towards efficiency and sustainability. It is increasingly common to find pool equipment that facilitates and simplifies maintenance while reducing the costs and consumption involved. Discover below how a variable Pentair Superflo Pump benefits your pool.

What is a variable speed pump with frequency variation?

Due to its efficiency compared to its predecessors, Pentair Variable Speed Pump has excelled in recent years. These allow the adaptability of its operation and filtration consumption depending on what is needed at any time.

Thus, it is not necessary to depend on the anticipated programming of when it should work and for how long. What is achieved with this type of Jandy Flo Pro Pump compared to the standard ones is that they are not working for a long time or less than necessary, so you avoid damaging the quality of the water.

It is a normal filtration Pentair Intellipro Pump of all life. The only difference is that it has adopted a frequency inverter which is an electronic circuit that is responsible for controlling the power that best suits each moment of its operation, which can reach 80% less consumption. With the frequency inverter, you can control the water flow as the speed of the pump increases or decreases.

What you achieve with this type of Pentair Intelliflo Pump is that the pump itself automatically regulates the power with which it must operate at each moment of its use. Or what is the same that the time devoted to filtering is just and necessary. This type of equipment is mandatory in some countries, so in the future, it may be in ours.

What should you consider before choosing a variable speed pump for pool filters?

If you already have a pump that is not variable, you do not need to buy a new one. Unless the one you have is giving problems, you just have to adopt a frequency converter to it and you will get the same results.

Previously, the frequency inverters used were based on other applications and adapted to swimming pools, so it was very difficult to use. Nowadays they are manufactured specifically for use in swimming pools, so they are much easier to use.

If there is a problem in the system, in a pump with a built-in frequency converter you will not be able to use the filtration system until the problem is fixed. That is the most subtle difference you have against a Jandy Pool Pump that you adopt the variator.

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