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How Experimental can you get with a Cashmere Pashmina?

When that is the question, the answer is “in so many ways”!

Only those who have possessed a pashmina know what a unique accessorizing piece it is!Its main manufacturing unit in the world is the Kashmir valley of India and hence, the name “Cashmere.”Made from the fine wool of the Himalayan Chyangra goat, a Cashmere pashmina is soft, delicate and elegant. Its suave texture allows scope for experimenting with myriad looks, using it as an accessory and even re-using them!

Creativity has no end to it, but often the fabric or texture of the dress materials limit people from carrying out the desired customized looks. However, the extremely soft and smooth texture of pashmina shawls is anadded advantage when trying to be a fashionista with it!

Wear it as a shrug

Believe your eyes as you read it. You can actually customize a Cashmere pashmina into a shrug to complement any ethnic or casual look. These go perfectly with full sleeve body-con dresses and tunics. Ladies, you will have all eyes on you once you wear it to an evening party!

An easy DIY to add charm to your boring dresses!

  1. Fold a pashminashawl horizontally and place it on a flat surface.
  2. Now, take a small section of the upper edge (from the middle) and tie it to the end of that side. Repeat the same with the lower end.
  3. After executing the first two steps, two small loops will form on two horizontal sides of the shawl.
  4. Pass your arms through these loops and sport a flowing, angelic shrug on the back!

There are other ways too to customize pashmina shawls into scarves. Online sellers often have exclusive blog sections where fashion experts give out unique tips for wearing pashminas in various ways.

Can one accessorize a Cashmere pashmina like a neck piece?

Oh yes! Owing to the fine nature of its threads, Cashmere stoles can be twisted and braided along the neckline to serve as neckpieces as well!
One can easily do this by taking two stoles (comparatively smaller in width) and knotting them into thick braids. Now,wrap it around the neck and tuck the loose ends inside! It is thick as a scarf protecting you from cold and trendy as a neckpiece, complementing your fashion statement!

A perfect winter-wedding companion!

Getting married in winter comes with its perks, of course, butproblem arises with the bridal gown. No bride wants a wedding gown made out of wool- that would completely spoil the dreamy look of that flowing white dress!

If that is your worry at present, a Cashmere pashmina can be your bridal companion! These stoles are so meticulously weaved, taking care that each thread blends in perfectly with the sophisticated texturethat they make for the perfect wedding shawls.

Pastel shades such as soft sea green or crimson red are ideal colours to go with the bride’s white gown. Drape it casually around your arms and walk like a queen! No wonder the suave look of pashminas makes a woman feel like one!

Embellish your home interiors with pashminas!

Did you know that a pashmina wrap canbe an elegant chair or couch cover? Their soft pastel shades are indeed very soothing to the eyes. If one can tactfully use them over couch backs or casually cover them around chairs, it will reflect a stunning look that everyguest visiting your house would appreciate.

However, if you are worried that might tear your oh-so-dear Cashmere pashmina, just chill! On an average, pashminas last 10 to 20 years. But to have your dear pashmina accompany you for that long, remember to buy only from authentic dealers.

There are a lot of peoplewho supply cheap quality wool at the price of pashmina shawls; so, choose carefully.

Pashminas have been traditionally used since the 11th century BC. With the boons of globalization, these have also received a modern touch. Nowadays, you cannot say that only senior women love carrying shawls! The myriad ways of experimenting with a Cashmere pashmina is so much on the rise.

So, choose to raise your fashion bar a notch higher.Get a fine pashmina shawl and see how experimental you can get with it!


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