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From ancient Egypt through different cultures, religions, and traditions of all kinds, we come to the tradition of herbal incense aromas. It became a more precious material than any essence or metal, even more, precious than gold, but what is really incense? Where does your spiritual tradition come from?

What exactly is herbal incense?

Incense is a mixture of resins, woods, leaves, roots, essential oils or vegetable gums which are mixed and dried forming rods that when burned will give off a very aromatic smoke.

Depending on each culture and religion, the incense was made from the resin of different trees and essences, in addition, the mixture was selected according to the spiritual use that was going to be granted, so for example sandalwood granted powers to increase spirituality, healing and purification of the environment, rosemary to attract love and drive away evil spirits or lavender to achieve greater relaxation.

The History of Herbal Incense:

The first occurrences of herbal smoking blends date back more than 5,000 years before Christ when different mixtures of resins, essences, and plants were already burned to mask the smell of the meat during the killings and to eliminate the bad smell of the animal skins. Then the great Egyptian civilization elaborated different incenses for religious rituals, embalming, romantic and sexual rituals, to purify temples, achieve peace of mind to cure diseases.

They elaborated many recipes, many of them only known by the sacred priests, who passed from generation to generation thus becoming the Egyptian people in the village master of aroma and incense at that time.

In the Bible there are several references to the use of incense for pagan purposes, such as relieving the sensation of heat or bad smell, accompanying ritual sacrifices or chasing away evil spirits, so in the Bible it is mentioned how Moses built an altar of spices and incense for mandate of God or relates when the Magi of the east, pagan kings, offered the newborn Jesus the most precious products then gold.

Therefore, despite the fact that today there are several ways to make incense, the most precious incense is the one made by hand, this incense is from Nepal and Tibet. It has wood, brown, reddish color, it is made exclusively from mixtures of different woods and medicinal herbs of the Himalayas and its format is usually in the form of a cone or stick, they do not usually carry a strip of central bamboo. The rest of incenses are made on a central bamboo stick that serves as final support.

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