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Heat the pool with the heat pump

What are the best solutions to heat the pool? Heat pumps together with integrated systems allow maximum savings.

Having a pool means having to deal with its maintenance, that is, the expenses that have the greatest influence on this type of investment or activity. Management costs include cleaning, filtering, water treatment, and replacement, but also covering and heating.

How to choose the pool heating system?

First of all, it is fundamental to evaluate a series of factors, possibly before installing the pool, to design it coherently with the best possible heating system. The choice varies depending on the size of the pool, the type of pool and the place where it is located, as well as the volume of water contained.

Taking care of every detail means achieving maximum efficiency: for example, in outdoor pools, avoiding shaded areas, protecting the pool with natural barriers and covering it at night helps to maintain the optimal water temperature.

A practical and low-cost option is to use a Carvin Pool Pump. This cover allows the pool water temperature to be increased by a few degrees. An economic solution that keeps hot water and prevents evaporation, but that can only be used when the pool is not in use.
In addition to these useful measures to save on maintenance costs, a real heating system for the pool will be necessary. Let's see some of them.

Swimming pool heat pump: operation and advantages:

A Hayward Pool Pump system is the most used solution to heat a swimming pool's water because it offers excellent performance and the best compromise between expense and performance in most cases.

The air/water pool Hayward Super Pump absorbs the energy and heat of the outdoor air, converts it to thermal energy and transfers it to the water to be heated via an exchanger.

Heating a large amount of water present in a swimming pool requires a large amount of energy: with traditional systems, this would result in considerable consumption in the bill. Instead, the pump returns 4 times the energy withdrawn from the electricity grid, precisely because it uses the free renewable energy of the air for the remaining part.

This feature, therefore, allows you to heat the pool and maintain a pleasant water temperature with Hayward Tristar Pump. Remember that heating water is not an operation that only serves if you want to extend the summer season and take a bath even in the less hot seasons.

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