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Best Corporate Digital Offices in Soho

Registering your new venture can be tedious task. It involves filing patents, copyrights, corporate leases and much more. However, all businesses need a business place to register themselves. Finding a well-established corporate space in business centres like Hong Kong is extremely difficult. The situation becomes worse when your venture is new and you have no funds to invest in real estate. There is one solution to all the aforementioned problems. The구로디지털단지소호사무실 located in the National Industrial Complex, is one of the largest office sharing complexes in Hong Kong.

The Guro Soho office located in the Guro Digital Complex has become one of the largest entrepreneurial hubs in the city. The firm provides corporate space at affordable rates. At the Guro Soho office start up founders can avail non-resident office spaces or small offices for receiving and sending documents. This is highly useful when it comes to registering businesses. The office areas are provided without any additional costs and come equipped with numerous features.

The Guro Digital Complex is located in one of the prime 홍콩법인설립regions. The region is exempted from tax to promote entrepreneurs. This helps you save capital and invest it in your business. Moreover, emergency offices allow founders to start businesses under flexible contracts, helping them focus on their core areas of business. Unlike other rentals, at the Guro Soho office, you won’t have to pay a security deposit and other management fees.

The Guro Digital Complex also provides start-up businesses to register at low costs and avail non-business offices. This office space provides your business with a non-resident carrier registration address, telephone assistant and postal services without any additional costs. The office complex is also equipped with all the features necessary for any major홍콩법인. These facilities include wired internet, Wi-Fi, air cooling and heating systems.

Unlike other offices complexes, the Guro Soho office is spacious and well equipped for creating the perfect joint office spaces. Single rooms have wide desks, whereas narrower desks are placed in smaller rooms to make the most out of available space. The office complex is made of glass, thus there is sufficient light. The office complex is properly ventilated, keeping the workspace environment calm and pleasant.

The facilities offered at Guro Soho Office Complex are:

  1. Video conferencing and seminar rooms.
  2. Lower office rent through office sharing.
  3. Non-resident and business registration office.
  4. Offices that accommodate up to 6 people.
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