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Parkett bambus has become popular in recent years due to the many similarities with wooden floors. The bamboo version is elegant, gives an exotic look to the rooms and is relatively inexpensive, which makes it even more attractive.
We try to evaluate together all the points of this type of flooring to make the right choice before installation and choose the one best suited to your lifestyle.
Duration in time:
The fertigparkett like the wooden floor can last for many years. As in any field, quality is a fundamental characteristic for establishing the durability, resistance, and reliability.
Non-carbonized bamboo, in particular, is particularly resistant and can be compared to American red oak parquet but with an extra edge.
The bamboo floor is perfectly suited to linear environments, from modern aesthetics. Those who choose bamboo flooring are attentive to trends, but also demand high quality.
Availability in numerous variants:
One of the advantages of landhausdielen is the vast selection available on the market because it is available in numerous styles and colors.
Keep in mind that bamboo floors with darker shades are often heat treated.
Industrieparkett is considered by many to be a very viable alternative to traditional wooden floors thanks to its much faster growth and reproduction capacity. In fact, a bamboo plant reaches full maturity already between five and seven years.
Natural materials:
The use of natural materials is very popular in construction and bamboo flooring can be the icing on the cake in a project initiated by ecologically aware people.
Easy maintenance:
The bamboo parquet is easily cleaned with a broom and a little neutral soap, it does not require special treatments. This is a great pro for those who don’t have much time to devote to cleaning.
Possibility of finishing:
Bamboo floors can become discolored or bruised over time, but there is good news: they can be finished as needed because it has several layers of protection that are applied during installation.
If necessary, the polishing of the surface by professionals can give new life to the bamboo flooring.
Water resistance:
Compared to traditional wooden floors, bamboo is more resistant to water and damage caused by it, such as stains and deformations. More resistant however does not mean that it does not suffer damage, so it is better to pay attention.
Low cost:
Despite its exotic charm, bamboo flooring is usually less expensive than wooden parquet.
If you are planning to install wooden flooring in your home or office, the best option is to contact and choose from the wide collection of wooden products at the best affordable prices.


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