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A Complete Guide on How to See a Doctor in Australia

When you are sick, the first thing that comes in your mind is to go to the family doctor. The family doctors are called the general practitioners or GP in Australia. All the citizens in Australia, permanent residents or those who are the visa holders can avail the medical care in Australia that is free or subsidised treatments provided by the doctors and the medical specialists. The GP check all the patients for a wide range of health issues, from the mental and the chronic illnesses as well for the regular health check-ups.

Though, the doctor requires booking for an appointment in advance. However, in the urgent care or in life-risk situations, the general practitioners can provide the services immediately. In Australia, patients visit the doctor without the Medicare card. However, he or she should complete the private form or fill up the account for the particular treatment. But, if the patient has the Medicare card, it can cover a certain portion of the fees.

You should know that the Medicare card in Australia does not cover all the medical issues. The normal presentation to the GP falls under the coverage of the card. However, the cosmetic procedures do not fall under the Medicare card rebate.  Even some of the doctors accept the Medicare advantages as the total payment for the service offered. When you do not have the card, you have to pay the private fee when going for the check up to the Lewisham doctors or anywhere in Australia. The general practitioners offer treatments for a wide range of health issues that include pregnancy screening, health screening, chronic illness, mental health issues, infections, and domestic violence cases.

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After the primary check-up, the GP refers to the specialist as per the requirement of the patient. In Australia, you can visit the specialist directly without seeing the GP. But, in this case, the rebate is largely reduced. Even the patients can select their GP at the medical centre, mainly in the case when the patient is looking for a female practitioner.

As per the doctors working at the health centres, one of the important reasons to visit the GP is for the health screening. You can visit to check diabetes, maybe to check cholesterol level, pressure check or some infections. The general practitioner will also suggest you with the right medicine, diet and will discuss with you about how to stay healthy for a long time.

Most of the clinics in Australia as like the Leichhardt medical centre have after-hour arrangements that allow the patients to visit the doctors outside the normal business hours.

Hence, if you are facing any health issue, you should first visit the GP, and he will then refer to a specialist if needed.

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