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5 Tips for Hanging a Heavy Piece of Furniture on the Wall:

تركيب اثاث sometimes very challenging and it always needs experience especially when you are trying to hang a heavy piece of furniture on the wall.

Here شركة نقل عفش offer you some important tips so you can easily finish this task.

How to hang with a piece of furniture on the wall with success?

1. The first thing you should do is identify the weight of the furniture. When you know it, go to your usual hardware store and ask for the tacos, screws, and anchors that are most suitable for that weight and type of furniture. Always choose metal or steel anchors, never plastic or flexible materials or easy to break.

2. The measures are very important. You must be precise to avoid working in vain and having to start over from scratch. First work on the furniture. Take the measurements on the back to identify where you will place the anchoring system hooks. Draw them at the same height accurately using a level. Screw the hitch and make sure it is not loose.

3. Before going to work on the wall, remove any furniture under or near the work area and cover all objects and decorative elements with fabrics to protect them from dust. Take the right measures according to the placement of the hitch in the furniture and use the drill to make the appropriate holes.

4. To attach the furniture to the wall system, do not forget to load the furniture with the help of another person to avoid damage to the back or an accident. Try not to scratch the wall or leave marks with your hands or tools.

Finally, the basic and simpler rule, do not load objects that only depend on an anchor to the wall.

If you do not want to take the stress and if it becomes a tough task for تركيب اثاث, do not hesitate to contact

They are professional مقاول هيكل اسود.

Furniture assembly:

شركة نقل عفش has many years of experience in professional furniture assembly services for different areas and specializations: Assembly of classic furniture and high decoration, assembly of commercial furniture, assemblies and facilities in hotels, as well as special assemblies of furniture technical furniture laboratories, office furniture, temporary stand assemblies, and retail assemblies.

We also have experience in فني ستلايت and تركيب ستلايت. 

We work for prestigious international firms, manufacturers of classic furniture and high decoration that rely on us to assemble furniture in their most exclusive and delicate projects.



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