My accountant upgraded QuickBooks desktop Pro to the latest version when I purchased new computers for the assistance. And the problem took place when the accountant was unable to fax the data and documents. He tried twice to fax but he didn’t succeed in doing so. Lastly, after trying for all possible ways he knocked my cabins glass and asked for the permission to enter. I allowed him to come and asked if everything was fine or not?

Then he briefed me about the trouble while faxing. Listening to him I asked him if he tried to uninstall and reinstall the printer and trying with that. He said no and then keeping me with himself he uninstalled the printer and reinstalled it. But still, nothing happened. I replaced the USB cable to the printer thinking of the problem with the cable. But unfortunately the same continued, and nothing changed.

Now finding a right solution became very important so I asked the support staff to take the accountant computer to the service center and get the problem solved. But he returned back without solution and informed me that the problem was with QuickBooks.

Then I focused on QuickBooks to find the solution by taking the help by connecting to contact QuickBooks technical support and then fix the problem. So instantly I called the toll-free number and quickly told the executive the issue I was facing while faxing the document or QuickBooks data files. The executive asked me the mail id so that he can send the package to solve the problem. I gave him my accountant mail id and as I dropped the call, the mail blinked in my accountant mail inbox.

Using the instruction my accountant fixed the issue and faxed the document to our client. I was happy that the issue was now ended. The accountant informed me that the executive had even sent him the website of QuickBooks to seek help from Intuit QuickBooks support.

I asked him to remember the support tools if any issue comes in future. Even you can come across the problem and search right way to resolve, for that you can use the steps I resolved my issue with QuickBooks fax.


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