Windows 10 provides multiple support options for proper management of the operating system and has come along with superior integrity. It was interesting news for me as I wanted to get rid of Windows 8.1. After the installation process was completed I was very happy to see start menu back, and many other changes along with it. It cheered me with all the hopes of joy but just for some time, as it snatched the giggle when things started turning into another way and started giving a bad experience. One day I turned on my laptop and suddenly it started updating automatically and laptop shut down automatically and got restarted again.

It was literally an irritating behavior of Windows 10, which pulled down the cheer and hope of joy to ground level. It was the first time when this occurred; I hoped it won’t repeat again but it again showed the same thing. I switched on my laptop after a week again the same thing proceeded. Now it was like water had crossed from my head.

I decided to find a solution for it; I tried for the common setting which can help in resolving the issue; I thought. But all went into vain. Lastly, I opted for Windows technical help through web using, which seemed to be helpful to resolve the issues. I asked the Windows 10 expert for the solution, and I received the adequate solution.

I was quiet happy after getting the solution, the expert not only provided me the solution to the problem, he even provided me Microsoft Windows 10 support number for further assistance on auto update issues.

My entire problem related to Windows 10 auto update got resolved seeking the Windows 10 technical experts help. I again started feeling the same, and hoped that the problems to go away permanently. The same you can hope and feel after your problem get resolved using the trick and ideas followed in this content. It is the right solution to go to the right way.


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    Very useful information for microsoft professional support .
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