This is another printer issue that is featured as the most common problem. It can potentially create hurdles in the workflow frequently even everyday if you don’t address the issue. Canon printer machines have largely been identified to be more affected by the issue when compared to other printer machines. Though there is no question over the technological efficiency and advanced features it contains, however the paper jam issue is something that can happen at any moment in time. 

As the name suggests, your Canon printer gets the papers jammed inside whenever you send print commands. It may happen in several conditions – sometimes, you need to print more documents and the issue starts creating obstacles after two-three papers printed. I have found some users avoiding the problem regardless of approaching a genuine technician for a proper resolution.

But it may get even more problematic in a long run if the issue is not addressed in a real time. A paper jam issue in Canon printer is never a good thing. So, never think it as a temporary one – get a reliable Canon Printer support from experienced technician and take on every symptom and reason that results in such irritating issues.

Thought the resolutions don’t include any of the intensive technical procedures, however you need to be careful and aware of all the possible challenges.

In such cases I always take to the official page for some useful and worthwhile details. Here at this page, some official technicians keep on updating its helpdesk with contemporary resolutions and technical issues. You can also avail of the informative contents available at the official help page.


There may be so many reasons why your Canon printer develops paper jam problems – it may be due to misaligned paper, issue with paper tray, issues with settings, or driver programs. If you look into the issue and its possible resolutions, you will come to know how easily you can get rid of such irritating technical problems.

And what makes me even more keyed up with the option to contact technicians is their toll free Canon printer support phone number that can easily take you to the helpdesk without any obstacles.

So, there should be no technical obstacle in the way of approaching when you can easily approach them through several reliable modes of communication. Don’t endure the paper jam issue for a longer – contact an expert as soon as you can.


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