As a frequent user of the web world, I and my family used multiple technologies providing gadget. Seeing, the requirement of financial management application for managing payments, my mother-in-law asked me to purchase QuickBooks finance management application from the store. In the first month after the purchase, my mother-in-law managed it to keep financial issues resolved.  But unfortunately after that, she fell ill and we had to admit her in the hospital.

At that time apart from my office and daily works I had to look after my mother-in-law paying guest business. It was not possible for me to use the application at home for purposely maintaining the finance. So at my office during the break time, I planned to use it and complete the pending works. As the break started I opened chrome on the laptop and tried login to the QuickBooks account. But unfortunately, entering the correct credentials this message showed on the screen”oops something went wrong”. At that moment I was feeling helpless, as a number of pending works was there on my head, and within the time I had to complete it.

For completing the work I used my friend’s laptop and was able to login using Firefox. But suddenly, she asked her laptop to complete her work. At that moment I had no option left, so I decided to resolve login problem in QuickBooks on chrome. I directly went to QuickBooks support link, and took helpline number from there.

By using QuickBooks customer service I got connected to the support executive, and asked him for the solution to the problem I was facing, while login QuickBooks in chrome. The executive asked me about the QuickBooks version I was using. I answered him, and then he told me the ways that helped me resolving login issues.

In similar ways, you can even use the same way which helped me login my QuickBooks account on chrome. I hope that the content will help you our effectively resolving your QuickBooks issues.


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